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Monday, March 7, 2016

We Made It: Our Book!!!

Thanks to Agus and Ozy ..and of course other friends..who had helped....preparing for the publication and the...laucnhing.
Yup..as many as 600 books were published ..not to mention the hundreds others back home in Indonesia.
I couldn't be more happier..to know that a lot of students participated in this.
Proud...and happy.
Thank you to all of our students at UT Korea for having made this endeavor ..possible and enjoyable.
We do hope that your stories ...are shared for generations to come.

Books Written by My Students: The Launching Event

I couldn't be more happier. Yup..March 6, 2016 marked the day when finally my personal journey of "rigorously" and "patiently" usurping my students' lives...paid off.  
^^ yup....'usurping'...'violating' in the positive sense....I did come into their lives...asking them to share their stories to be compiled in a book. 
As a member of INAKOS (International Association of Korean Studies in Indonesia), I've been ...lunatically ㅋㅋㅋ hahaha....going after my students, Indonesian migrant workers, student/workers in Korea......to share their stories ....to the public. 
Yeaah...we did it. 
Yup, the book titled "Sensasi Seru Jalan-Jalan di Korsel" was finally re-published in Korea. (After it was published in Jogja last year. It's republished after as many as 23 writers (who are mostly the students of Indonesia Open University in Korea or UT Korea) joined in.  
The event of the launching itself was made possible by the great cooperation of all of the students and tutors at UT Korea. 
We invited the students to the auditorium where we had the event...so as to give a chance for others to see what their peers have achieved. Right. Writing about one's experiences is no easy feat. It takes time and courage and determination...even just to write or retell one's stories into an essay. So the fact that as many as 14 students of UT Korea joined in....indeed overwhelmed me...(being said: I'm proud of them)
Just like last year's event. This year's publication was made possible by a partial support from the Senior Public Diplomacy Group, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Korea.
We managed to have a pose in front of the event venue....^^
Since we re-launched the book in Korea, of course...only those residing in Korea could attend this Launching Event. Those in Indonesia could not...unfortunately. But..surely enough..they knew about the event.
Thanks to Indonesian Embassy in Korea for their support...
Some of my students...proudly...showing off their books. Yup, their stories, life stories, traveling stories, occupational experiences...are all jotted down in this book.
Bravo, guys. We're proud of you.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Arts..Made by Eyra. Miniatures in Syle

Eyra always makes lots of stuffs out of color clays. Recently, she's  really into MINIATURES.
Yup, she made these mini chocolates....gosh...
And the funny thing was that..she even named it.
It's called Diet Chocolate.
Even, all the wrappings were also meticulously cut to match the chocolate.
The house is full of her works....since she makes literally new stuffs everyday.
But..that's the beauty of it. She finds her own world to enjoy and get herself drawn into.
축하 축하..Eyra.

A Rare Occasion of Catching Up with Uztad Widjayanto

Alhamdulillah. hmm who would've thought that I could meet my former spiritual teacher as well as my senior at campus....when I was still in undergraduate in Jogja. Yup, it's February 14...no...it's not about Valentine's day...ㅋㅋㅋ no.^^ BNI 46, one of Indonesia's state-owned bank just opened its first branch in Korea. Yup, and to mark the official opening....Ustad Widjayanto was invited. 
Right, he's famous for being ustad gaul (a spiritual teacher) who uses a special approach to lure and entice the hearts of his listeners to ...learn about religion and life and well..everything....be it social, political, economy, world issue..everything...but in such a way that we never felt being 'lectured on' or bombardized with dogmatic views or stuffs like that. Nope. He made lots of jokes. He made fun of himself. He made fun of everyone in such a way...that we knew it's a joke but it's true. Yup, we also learned about things which were satirically true ....and that really smacked us down right through the hearts...and then..we realize that we're just human....simply human and that we're reminded of who we are and where we're all going...
Thank you, Ustad Widjayanto..mas Widjayanto....for everything.
Okay, thanks as well to BNI 46 for having invited mas Widjayanto.^^
Right...this bank is near Seoul station and Namdaemun market..so it's easily accessible for everyone.
Congratulations for the opening of BANK BNI 46 in Seoul. ..and more branches are opening soon.

Kebab? No, It's a Falafel Sandwich

Yup, since I couldn't eat any meat....hmmm just ordered this vegetarian falafel which was delicious. hmm so yummy. I never thought that I could go into a Turkish kebab restaurant since it's always like a no-no for me to go inside. Of course, the only reason was no other than me being a vegetarian. I have been so oblivious that there are other menu I could choose from. Better yet, I could actually order things without meat in it. 
Well, it's my preconception of Kebab is all about...what Kebab restaurant is all about. This kind of thought kept me from even...stepping my feet inside the restaurant.
So, every Friday after Friday prayer, lots of my friends just cannot wait to go in line and order their favorite Kebab. It's halal, to give it a plus...advantage. 
Then....a whole new world of possibility just opened up for me: Falafel. Veggie Falafel.

A Coincidence?

I guess not. I just realized that EBS TV really shows what the children in South Korea are learning. I mean.....everyday they broadcast stuffs kids (mostly at the elementary school) need to learn and brush up on a daily basis. Ok, the other day, since it's the graduation week for all kids at school, the program highlighted about wish-necklace...or hope-necklace that all kids need? must? have to? make in the class. They write down all of their hopes, promises, wishes, etc on numerous paper and then rolled them up one by one..and then attached them one by one so as to make a chain. Yup, a chain or necklace of hope.
Here's the thing: was it a coincidence that Freya just happened to make one at her school that day? No way. It's not. So, I learned that this hope-necklace class activity must have been a nationally-driven program to be carried out in the whole Korea. wow. 
okay..just saying. wow. hmm....hmm..hmm..

Two Ads I Saw at Subway Station

wait...this is not the one I saw at the station, but I bumped into this ad on the subway. This tells about ..wow...this is interesting....each region's best produce. wow...I think I could refer to this ad..and this picture to know what the specialties of a specific region are. Hmm..but..it's so darn cute and small. Too small to read.^^ People would just shrug it off..and would not notice it. 
The second one is about a charity campaign to warm the hearts of the passers by or the commuters. A story of an orphan who had to live with his (supposedly) grandmother and had to sustain on his own life. A help would be a warm blessing for him. 
I wonder how he's doing now. Hope things got better for him and his grandma. 
* but..one thing that quite intrigued me was ...whether...the same ad with the same picture will be used (again) next year? or..was there any chance that this particular ad was already used in the past?
either way...that would be so....oh, well.
Just hope for the best for the boy.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Eulwangri Beach at Night

Being the closest sandy beach to Seoul is a plus. We took the airport train to Incheon airport for about 1 hour, and then from the 3rd floor, we took 302 or 306 bus and got off at Eulwangri beach.
It's dusk..and the sun just set a few minutes earlier when we arrived there.
Without further ado, we started having fun...
while enjoying the orange-red-glowing skies on the west horizon..
afar...a line up of eateries and the tallest hotel in the area were visible.
We kept on walking and walking..and feeling the breeze of air on the beach.
Eyra and Freya were of course ecstatic to be able to see the shore again...
It's a bit funny to think that last year..we also spent new year's eve at the Eastern sea of Korea, at Jeongdongjin beach.
..and then on the eve of Lunar New Year, we also spent the night, only this time...
we went to the western part of the peninsula...to embrace this beach.
The good thing was that...not many people..in fact..no other people were there..and that's the best part actually, for we could really enjoy the scenery..all to ourselves.^^
Of course, it's winter..and no one considered going to the beach in winter..
so, we just did the opposite....the anti mainstream..
and what we got? we got a whole beach to ourselves and a huge discount on the hotel.^^

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