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Monday, October 20, 2014

Huge Inflatable Rubber Duck @ Seoul

She's floating graciously at Lotte's Seokcho's Lake for the past week.
With a police line segregating the avid seekers from not entering too close to the lake, the rubber duck is yet visible from the nearest point to the lake. 
Eyra and Freya, too, were enjoying the DUCK. oh, they made tiny yellow ducks from play doh before going to see the real ONE.
Just look at the crowd.!!! 
Yes..it's Rubber DUCK project. scheduled to run until November 14, 2014. 
What a show you put on, Eyra. ^^ 
Yes..this has been the talk of the people...
the DUCK just DEFLATED this morning. :(
Hope somebody's mending her soon.!!!!!

The Global Impact of South Korean Popular Culture

Finally, the book in which one of my papers is included has finally published.
Yes...I just got it today.
Thanks to Dr. Valentina Marinescu from Romania, University of Bucharest--who also edited this volume. 
It's been a great and long project until this book is published.  
Nothing to express but 'thank you' for having finally made this happen to everyone involved.
My special gratitude goes for Dr. Valentina Marinescu. 
Simply love it.

A Window into North Korea for Commuters

At Dolgoji station line 6 where we always take as a transfer station whenever we go to campus or school, there is this small exhibits on the North Korea and the history of Korea-South dynamic (to tone it down!) relation. 
Passers-by could just see and read the inscription or explanation about the pictures as they are displayed.
It's one of the ways Subway line 5,6,7, 8 gives extra service to Seoulites.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

We're the Big Family of UT Korea: Autumn Semester 2014

@ The meeting venue where we have our lunch and meeting every Sunday. 
For some of us, this is the last meeting with students and other tutors before we meet again next year on Spring semester. That's why.....during lunch time today (Oct. 19, 2014) we managed to take a picture of not-yet-the-whole-group of tutors. 
Only some of us happened to be present on the 4th floor where our meeting venue is located. It so happened that we just wanted to have a group picture. 
Without further ado, we grabbed some chairs and the girls voluntarily or (automatically?) sat on the first row while we (the boys) were, surely, right behind them. 
From Rere to Febrina...
From Pak Saiful Islam to Cresti... 
We're all students who fight for the best to teach and 
learn along the way together with our fellow students of UT Korea. 
What a great day it has been.
Indeed, a day to remember.
A moment to cherish.

UT Korea @ Hanyang University Erica Campus: The Last Meeting Before Final Exam

It's autumn. Yes...Autumn. Although they say that our mind is restless during Spring time..but for me..싱숭생숭해 줄 수 있는 계철은 바로 가을이다. ..it IS autumn that makes me feel restless. My mind just wants to go somewhere....see and do something.^^ 
The final class of Writing IV finally ended. 
We took a selfie to celebrate the end of our class. 
One more time.: Aries, Agust, Thofik, Pipin, Linda, & Tri.
5.35 pm and the bus for subway station was about to leave. It's one of the few buses that connect the campus with the nearest subway station. 
Another view from where I was standing...waiting for the bus.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cat Cafe (part 2)

The same fellow who became my instant favorite..although..again and again..
I would not touch him.^^ 
As for Freya & Eyra, playing around with the cats was their prime reason of coming to this cafe in the first place. (definitely not for me, though). Anyway..there was this ...one particular cat who kept on trying to win over their heart. 
It looks comfy, right? ( I mean the tiny chairs they're sitting on) 
Well, to some extent,if you are allergic to cats or to a lower underground's dampened place....I suggest that you'd better think twice before coming....since it cost us twice.^^: anyone could guess what they might be? 
Back to the cat business, no matter how hard I tried to insist that we'd better get going ....to be back home...on account of our dinner with other friend of mine...
Eyra and Freya seemed to not even bother..listening to what I'd been saying..
They did not move a bit. 
So, Eyra kept on playing around with (this) cat! 
Freya was trying to steer away from what her sister was doing.......
as for me....sitting unnoticed by the both of my own daughter...
due to their preoccupation with cats.
oh, well...'cat cafe' (* which surely DOES NOT sell cat juice)^^

Cat Cafe (part 1)

Yang Su-bin eonni took the kids to cat cafe near campus today. She'd promised them to go together to a cat cafe @ Myeongdong, but due to her tight schedule, they got to be changed into......visiting a newly opened cat cafe near our campus. 
After I finished my class, I rushed to see how they were doing. 
As it turned out...both Eyra and Freya were like...finding 'heaven' since they love cats...so much. 
An entrance where we got to pay 6,000 Won each for entrance and one huge jar of beverages that we we can choose from the menu list. 
There are books, games, comfy-chairs for the visitors. While the cats got their whole cafe as their playground...be it on and over the floor. 
One cat was seen....tapping the water to drink. The same cat was trying to get down from the table.  
I think I kinda like this particular cat...though I'd rather just stare at him.
The whole camera probably now stores... most of the cats inside the cafe.
Freya adores this little fellow who happened to be her instant favorite.^^

Another Class Done!!!^^

Class B of Indonesian Language Course finally came to the last meeting. 
A casual atmosphere of the class was really a positive sign that they did enjoy the looooong-course of the program. 
Mas Dong-hoon, Mas Chung-hwan, Pak Pal-young, mbak Mi-ae, & mas Sang-gon. 
Selfie after the class...and now...they're ready to take the test next week.
Senangnya akhirnya bisa menyelesaikan kelas bahasa Indonesia.
Tiap Jumat & Sabtu telah menjadi akhir pekan yang melelahkan sekaligus menyenangkan...dan yang pasti....
semoga semuanya yang kita pelajari bersama di kelas ini
 akan menjadi berguna untuk kita semua.
Terima kasih.^^

We are "Little Family of HUFSan from Indonesia"

With not so many Indonesian students @ HUFS as compared to other campuses around Seoul, we proudly call ourselves "Little family of HUFSan from Indonesia". Yes, there may be other student exchanges and other students who merely came her for a short-term study...but...we simply couldn't reach them. 

anyway...we managed to meet those who at least study in HUFS for a longer period. 
so..we met up at Mr. Pizza...last night to celebrate the start of the semester as well as to catch up with one another. 
August, Cresti, Stevie, me, Rieke, and Winny.
We're all a happy Indonesian family who currently taking course @ HUFS.
Welcome aboard everyone.

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