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Monday, July 28, 2014

Almost Midnight's Ice Cream

It's almost 11 pm and we just got back from having a celebration of the end of the Ramadan this year. We got a huge dinner...
to top it off, the weather was a bit hotter ...now...it's a bit chilling actually.
Wait...hot or chilly?
It's an important thing to talk about since should it rain, we cannot but make our way back home......drenched in wet. 
But luckily...tonight..the sky's bright and the wind's blowing too...which brings us to the conclusion..that everyone should enjoy summer no matter what.
This time...we dropped by at the nearby Baskin Robbins.
See? they know more and its' good. 

Hana & Seonhee's Visit

 It's almost 2 years since the last time we met Hana in Korea. She's now working in Jakarta at a joint company between Korea-Indonesia specializing in steel manufacturing. Yes, Hana, who used to be a recipient of Indonesian government fellowship, is now working in Indonesia. 
She just arrived in Seoul and yet she managed to be in Seoul ...to meet me. 
Yes..as usual, she's as cheeky as she used to be.  
Then, as for Seonhee, she's Hana's senior in the fellowship program. They came along together to our house the other day. Nice to have them here again @ home.
Oh, Hana is having a-week leave from office thanks to the Hari Raya or Eid Fitr Celebration.
Thanks for visiting us, Hana & Seonhee, of course.

Happy Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1435 Hijriyah

The kid's favorite channel, Cbeebies Channel is now 'congratulating' and/or 'celebrating' the Hari Raya Idul Fitri. 
One Month Long Fasting Month 'Ramadan' is over.
And now....it's Hari Raya...
Happy Hari Raya.
for everyone celebrating it.
Mohon Maaf Lahir & Batin.

This Year's the First & the Last Buka Puasa @ Rumah Sangwolgok

This year's last breaking-the-fast @ Sangwolgok House owned by mas Khoirul. 
Today's menu for breaking-the-fast was 불고기 or daging asap. Looks like everyone seemed to like it. 
Aris and om Wawan were busy 'barbecue-ing' the sliced beef.
While others, mostly the Moms, were busy preparing the side-dish. 
Thanks to Dikka for having left some kolak or coconut milk fruit cocktail. 
Then, excluding the photographer....lots of them seemed to enjoy the meal we prepared for today.  
Then, there was Om Kiky who's generous and close enough with teh kids.
Happy Hari Raya...1435 Hijriyah.

The Last Buka Puasa @ KBRI this Year.

The 4th Buka Puasa Bersama @ Indonesian Embassy. That day's topic was insurance for migrant workers in Korea. Lots of issues were discussed during almost 2-year session of talks about insurance. Despite its utmost importance....one phrase: a dizzying fact!:-) 
Short story long..I mean long story short...let's jump to the main event of the day: Having the Fasting BROKEN..I mean ...buka puasa...or breaking the fast. This time, I finally managed to ask Pak Nugroho (a reporter from KBS World Indonesia) to come to the event. 
It so happened that this family (his wife and two sons) are in Korea for 3-week visit. So, why not bring along his family to the occasion, then? After all, we thought that we might find it hard to get in touch: due to the distance... 
So, it's a good chance for us to get to know pak Nugroho's family.
Selamat Berlebaran

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Happy Birthday, Freya....^^

The kids woke up to find out that their dolls were gone! But, as they reached the living room, they encountered this birthday party.
Freya, Eyra and their inseparable dolls were about to celebrate...the birthday. 
I know..I know...there is no birthday cake. But...do we need one, honey? 
That's a good girl. Does the sign indicate that you are into this, Freya?
Yes...a simple nod was enough. 
Then..off down with Nina the whale. 
Since it holds up to 45 kg, I guess it won't budge even if Freya and her sister are on top of it. 
But...for me..I won't do it..since it could pop off, if I did so.
Anyhow..Freya...I do hope that you love the idea behind preparing his work. 
^ * ^ love & hugs from your daddy. 

Freya's Birthday Bash

What bash? not so much. I just take out all of the kids' dolls, including the huge inflatable 'Nina the whale' into one section at the living room. 
It took me about 30 minutes to do all of these while the kids were sleeping. 
Then, put some 'congratulatory remarks' on the front side of the sofa. 
인증샷 or my selfie showing that even at the wee hour of the night, I managed to do all of these decorating jobs. 
Angry bird, the Sumatran tiger, dolphins, Blue's Clues' dog, cats, ...and well..others. Welcome to the Club. 
Happy Birthday, Freya. oops...wait..where's the red balloon? I think it just popped.
Happy Birthday 생일 축하해, 프레야.

Simple Presents for Freya

Simple, and inexpensive ones. Yes, I got to think hard to find some presents on Freya's 6th or 7th birthday. Okay...I found 'treasures: the huge inflatable whale for 8,000 Won; the make-and-display managerie for a mere 6,000 Won, then two mini fans for 2,000 Won, some balloons, and ...^^ Pororo's juice.  
Wrapped them up on the spot. So, although it was basically Freya's birthday, I couldn't just buy one...I got to buy a pair of them...>>** for Freya's sister. gee... 
Ok..in total...around 20 dollars well spent on Freya's birthday presents. Since the presents are shared with her sister...I guess..it's worth-it. And..yes...it's affordable. 
The best part of it all is how I could think of something creative to let her know that it's how her birthday is celebrated. 
So...here it is.
Freya's friends who came to congratulate her.^^
along with Nina the whale. Yes, they named her already.

The Studio @ Gasan Digital Complex

Got a chance to visit one of the recording studios at Gasan Digital Complex.
I think I came to understand the tedious process of making an online teaching materials. Gosh..it takes sometimes...several takes and cues before a perfect rendition of an online class is achieved.
The other day I managed to see one of the Korean language teaching materials being made into an interactive DVD. 기대하고 있다.

A (Re)Visit to KBS Museum

I took her to KBS the other day and as a treat, I got to take her (again) to the interactive museum offered for the guests. hmm I noticed some or (minor?)changes to the layout and the displays. 
The first display .....that I didn't notice the first time I was here. Oh, well...kids (well, not all) would surely want to take a pic being a butterfly. Oh...this is actually a DOOR!!. Yes, so as to camouflage the door's seemingly distracting presence, they changed it into a butterfly display. See the door knob?^^ 
Then, off we ventured into other interactive displays on the other section of the museum. 
Then...she encountered one of her used-to-love characters, Hutos.  

Ended up meeting the same girl she previously encountered at the other room.
Hotos mini mini....definitely worth the look.
Did you have fun, Freya? I think she did.
*For anyone interested in visiting the museum, take the Seoul subway line 9, exit 3 and go to KBS as there are many directions on display that would lead us to the museum.

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